Have a Heart, Give Smart

New Diverted Giving Scheme to launch this month

People in Neath Port Talbot will soon be asked to 'Have a heart, Give Smart' to help and support street vulnerable people and rough sleepers in the county borough.

We are joining up with the successful diverted giving scheme of the same name, which has been operating in Swansea since January. The Neath Port Talbot launch of the scheme will be at Neath Civic Centre on Friday 21 September 2018.

A lot of people who beg do so to feed crippling addictions to alcohol and hard drugs, but giving money can actually discourage them from seeking the professional help they really need.

The diverted giving scheme works by asking people to donate to local homeless charities via official collection boxes, instead of giving money directly to people who are begging on the streets. All the money donated will go where it can most effectively be used to provide help to people in the area. This help might come from statutory, voluntary, faith-based, business and other community groups who help people overcome the addictions and other problems that lead to begging.

Many businesses around the county borough have already agreed to support the scheme by acting as donation points.

This county-wide scheme will also play an important role in supporting our Neath Together Campaign, which is making progress in providing homeless people with access to services they need.

Donation Points

For donation points in Neath Port Talbot, click here

For donation points in Swansea, click here

Please support this vital work by not giving money directly to people begging on the streets.

So please play your part, have a heart and give smart!